The Pastor's Heart:

My desire is to serve Christ, not with a service of words and deeds, but a service of life. I am committed to living my life in a way that will impact those I know and the community around me, so that they are able to make right decisions for Christ. Dependent on the Holy Spirit, we as Christians should live our lives to mentor, inspire and motivate people to know and follow Jesus.

Furthermore, through serving the church and sharing God’s love I want people to see and experience the love of Jesus in their lives, allowing a deeper relationship with Christ.  I strive to help others to find in Christ the full potential that the Lord has for them and want to see the people within the church building stronger relationships with each other and with those in our community.         

As a minister of Christ, teaching, counseling, visiting, and preaching are an expression of the love God has shown to me. My goal is not just to let the world know that Jesus loves them, my goal is to show them that Love!

About the Pastor

As a child I was raised with Roman Catholic beliefs. I remained active and involved in the Catholic Church until the age of fifteen. One evening while attending the weekly youth night at the parish, our teacher, a young man still in seminary, began to explain to us who Jesus was, what He has done for us, and what we needed to do in return. I learned that I could not earn my way into heaven, I learned of God’s love and grace.

This young man presented to us the plan of Salvation, pure and perfect. As he spoke I knew that he was saying was the truth even though it countered all my teachings as a child. What he spoke was there in scripture. I believed in and confessed my sins to Christ, asked Jesus to forgive me, thanked Him for providing a way for me come to the Father and turned my life over to Him. That night I knew I was a child of God’s.

My faith has grown over the years. When I was young I would ask the Lord to bless my endeavors, but over time I have learned that the ministries I am involved in are His work, and now my prayer is that I might serve Him better. Serving Him is simply sharing the love that He has shown to me.

Sharing God’s love with those whom have never heard of Christ has become the burden of my heart. In my early twenties I heard God’s call to ministry, but in fear I chose Engineering as a profession. My secular career, however, opened other paths to ministry, regularly giving me the opportunity to interact with foreign nationals. For two years I shared and fellowshipped with Arab nationals, two more years sharing with German and Indian nationals, which then led into working alongside OM India. Missions and evangelism have gradually become an extension of my career, my life and ministry. It has been a natural progression of my faith in obedience and response to God’s will for my life.

Answering the Call

In 2003, while preaching in the Himalayan Mountains, I was challenged by Rev. Reginald Howell to reject my fear and accept my calling. Upon realizing that after years of serving God and sharing His love around the world He had already brought me into full time ministry, my fear passed and I was placed back on the intended path. 

In 2004, I began aggressively pursuing formal certification. By 2006, I had received an Associate in Christian Studies and had become a Licensed and Ordained Minister. Shortly thereafter, I join the staff of Family Church of St. Clair Shores, MI as Associate Pastor with responsibilities for Christian Education, Sunday School, and Missions.

In 2009, I received a Bachelor of Church Ministry and immediately began working on my Masters of Biblical Studies. At this time I am in the process of completing my Thesis on Relational Transformation: God’s Catalyst for Lifestyle Change.