Ministry of Love

At Word of Faith Christian Church, the Missions Ministry plays an integral part in all that we do as a church. At our very start we began out of a mission outreach. 

The mission field is wherever you are.

We encourage you to be engaged in missions and outreach:

  • Serve in the mission field — short or long term, local or abroad. We were meant to help each other, and in all things we are to bring the Gospel with us.
  • Support and empower both those who have been called into service and those who come to Christ through their efforts.
  • Lift up and intercede. Through your prayers, missionaries will be strengthened and you will become a part of God’s will to reach all people.
  • Stay open and sensitive to on how God is moving in your neighborhood and around the world. If He speaks to you be prepared to take action.

Word of Faith Christian Church supports various missionary families and missions organizations throughout the world. A missions drive is conducted annually, and all members are encouraged to allocate a portion of their giving to support our missions.